AppXtender Training

The documents on this page include general information about installing and using ApplicationXtender version 16.3. New documents will be added as new features are released or we discover more efficient ways of working in AppX.


AppX Import/Export for Outlook

This describes how to export/import Outlook emails as PDF files into ApplicationXtender web client. Email files in Outlook have a format that the web client cannot automatically display.

AppX – Installing and Configuring Captiva Cloud for Scanners

This Quick Guide provides the steps necessary to install the Captiva Cloud toolkit on a workstation that is being used to scan documents.  

Banner9 - AppXtender Integration

The purpose of this guide is to provide you with instructions for moving between Banner 9 and its integrated system, ApplicationXtender 16.3.

Moving a document to a different index in AppX web client 16

If you’ve accidentally indexed a document to the wrong student, here are instructions on how to re-index the document to a new student with the fewest number of clicks.

AppX – How to view documents from Banner 8/9

This Quick Guide provides the steps necessary to move between Banner and its integrated system, ApplicationXtender in four different scenarios.

AppX – Using Rubber Stamps

This Quick Guide provides the steps necessary to apply a rubber stamp in AppXtender.