Banner & Student Systems Access Request vs. Data Usage Request

When do I use the Banner Access request form and when do I use the Banner Data Request (DUR) form? Do I need to fill out both? 

The Banner & Student Systems Access Request Form is used for granting new/existing employees access to Student Information Systems applications and requires completion of a FERPA Agreement. For a full list of applications visit this page.

The Data Usage Request Form should be used when you want to share specific Banner data with another application or via a report.

  • Data Usage Request (DUR): A new plugin is requested for use with the Learning Management System (Canvas). The application needs a feed with student name and course information. In this case, the requestor would complete a DUR requesting approval to use the needed data.
  • Banner Access Request: A new employee joins the Graduate School and needs access to Banner Forms, and Faculty Student Advising in order to input and view student information in support of their work. That employee would request access via the Banner Access Request Form.